Big night for Community Living Peterborough

Elizabeth Manley brought along a few of her figure skating friends for a special party at the Memorial Centre on Saturday night.

The former Olympic medalist was the headliner of Elizabeth Manley and Friends Ice Show for Community Living Peterborough and Home Of Our Campaign.

The first number didn’t involve skating but rather an individual performance by guest singer Alan Frew of Glass Tiger who wrote the theme of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics I Believe.

Then Manley, who had a tumble and injured her back in practice earlier in the week, skated gingerly to the first number, performed by Frew, who handled much of the musical presentation for the evening’s festivities.

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Manley and Friends 2014


Love is Louder at star-studded PEC Skating Club show

Elizabeth Manley won the Olympic silver medal long before most of the Prince Edward County Skating Club members were born. But she easily won  everybody’s heart on Sunday, skating in support of the club’s “Love is Louder” anti-bullying message.

Manley was recovering from a flu bug, but her magical smile and powerful skating shone through, just like it did in Calgary in 1988 when she was competed at the games with a 105F fever.

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Love is louder

The lesson was loud and clear as skaters from the PECSC presented their year-end carnival with an anti-bullying message on ice. The show featured a special performance by Olympic silver medalist Elizabeth Manley in addition to group and solo performances including 13-year-old junior bronze level skater Kaitlin Maurer (above).

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Canada’s Sweetheart

Canada’s Sweetheart, 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist Elizabeth Manley, charmed the crowd in Wellington on Sunday as she took to the ice with “The Men,” the friends and family of the members of the PECSC. Manley spoke to the crowd about the importance of spreading the “Love is Louder!” anti-bullying message.

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Elizabeth in Prince Edward County for Anti-Bullying Skating Carnival

Elizabeth Manley, Peter O’Brien and Trennt Michaud and Judith Murtha-Anderson to perform at the Prince Edward County Skating Club Carnival in Wellington Sunday April 7th.

The Carnival theme  “Love is Louder”  will share an anti-bullying message on ice at the Essroc Arena

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Mental health awareness night at St. Mark High School

April 4 St. Mark High School  and Elizabeth Manley host a night to educate parents and community members to learn more about youth mental health issues and how to prevent and resolve them.

Beginning at 6 p.m., 10 community agencies from across the city will be available to speak with parents and offer more resources.

Manley, now a mental health advocate, will share her personal struggle with depression during her figure skating career in the 1980s. Baine is a former superintendent at the Ottawa Catholic School Board and now speaks regularly about education, leadership and parenting issues.

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Elizabeth Manley helps raise $336,000 in St. John’s

Elizabeth Manley helps raise $336,000 in St. John’s at the Bust a Move Event!

$12,500 Donated to Youth Services Bureau

As the first Elizabeth Manley and Friends Event we are proud to present $12,500 to the Youth Services Bureau for Teen Mental Health.

Our first Gala & Skating Show brought significant awareness to Teen Mental health and brought the Ottawa community together to raise funds for this important cause.

This is a great moment we will cherish and look forward to next years event.


Still a memory for Canadians after 25 years

25 years ago Elizabeth Manley won the silver medal at the 1988 Calgary Olympics, a performance she doesn’t remember but a celebration that lives on.

Sick enough to question whether she should even compete at the Games, Elizabeth Manley performed with a 105F fever and won the hearts of Canadians across the country.

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Calgary changed her life, now she is a producer

Elizabeth Manley produced a star-studded ice show to support Teen Mental Health Jan. 26th and it was a great success. She has the ’88 Olympics to thank for this amazing opportunity as it opened doors for Manley, the 47 year old Canadian Sweetheart.

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