A Special Event Close to my Heart

My name is Liz Manley and I suffered from mental health issues. You may recall that I won the Silver Medal for Canada at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. The Olympics was the highlight of my career and maybe even my life but it didn’t come without some serious hardships. Training my entire life and giving up so much of what we call a normal life I found myself as a teen with a lot of emotional issues. My desire to be the best in the world at such an young age and going through family changes took its toll and I entered my journey to the Olympic s in 1983 suffering from serious emotional issues that I couldn’t understand or address.

I shut myself off from the world and was too scared to tell anyone how I was feeling because I was supposed to be a tough athlete . I was told to “Don’t complain” “Push through the emotion” “Never Give up”. I tried to hard to follow that coaching but within a few months I lost all of my hair and gained 30 lbs in water retention weight. No one knew what was happening to me, least of all me!

Manley and Friends 2014

News & Media

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